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AMS Coin mining

Mining made easy

Mining works by running a complex calculation on a computer CPU (central processing unit) or GPU (graphical processing unit). By finding a secret the mining program can calculate the correct values of the current ledger and running transactions can be executed. Without mining the AMS Coin and other coin protocols won't work.

On this page simple mining with a CPU on windows is explained.

First, you'll need a wallet »


Click here to download the (windows) Wallet.

Coins are kept on a AMS Coin address, a string of letters and numbers (like ATH8i4aqKcEXPLpLXXvXm3744LbbStBESv) combined with a secret lock. Creating an AMS Coin address is really easy, unzip and start the software from the link and create an address. Just be sure to never tell anyone your secret! Other then a normal account there is no one to ask your secret if you ever loose it, be sure to keep it safe!

The wallet knows how AMS Coin works and has to download the main list of wallets and content (the blockchain). The blockchain is like an accounting ledger containing all information about AMS Coin. Downloading (syncing) can take a while.

Next up, mining »


Click here to download the (windows) CPU miner.

Mining works by running a program on a computer for days at a time. Running this is heavy and can overheat some older/dirty machines!

Open the download from above and open the file 'cpuminer-conf.json' in a text editor. Then change the line "user" : "ATH8i4aqKcEXPLpLXXvXm3744LbbStBESv" into "user" : "your own AMS coin address"

Mining is done by joining a pool ( The current pool only gives a payout if you actually handin hours of work running on a decent machine. As an example my 3 years old laptop does not do enough work to earn a reward running for 6 hours. My new (i5 6200) desktop machine will earn a payout running only a couple of hours.

Start cpuminer-x64.exe and check for error messages. Maybe the brutum-pool has a new portnumber for AMS mining or something else happened. After a couple of minutes it should say 'accepted: 1/1 (diff 0.002), 17.31 kH/s yes!' and then we're sure it works.

Keep the application running for about 6 hours and then wait for the pool to payout.

Last step, contact »


How to create a masternode will be written after my vacation.

More information

Email me for questions and maybe even some free AMS coins.

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Send AMS$ donations to AMU38iMnyai5MbuQMJNhV1pXLRLyf1Yr3m